As a real estate professional, your career is built on more than simply helping your clients buy or sell their home. It is a combination of the success-driven mindset it takes to start your own business, the creativity it takes to build and market that business, and the hard work, dedication, and determination it takes to nurture and grow that business. While you possess all these qualities and more, you also have one of the most recognized brands in the world standing behind you.

As a RE/MAX agent, you have access to industry leading tools, resources and technology, and the training to help you implement them in your business. You are invited to events that will help you grow your network, and are provided with the support you need to remain above the crowd. Last, but certainly not least, you have the RE/MAX brand that not only stands out among consumers, but stands above our competitors, proving you are the leaders of the industry.

REMAX Design Centre

RE/MAX Design Centre
provides you with the ability to design feature sheets, just listed and sold cards, flyers, web movies, slide shows, and virtual tours to impress prospects and clients.
  • Templates that integrate MLS data with one click of a button
Templates for RE/MAX Collections, RE/MAX Buyer’s Report Card and RE/MAX Condo Report Card
  • Image Assist allows you to import all your images at one time, then drag and drop into your projects
  • Phrase assist offers text suggestions for all your projects
  • One click publishing to Facebook and Twitter 
  • One click publishing to YouTube
  • Reporting and database features
  • User enhancements for Image Assist incorporating Flickr

RE/MAX Ahead with Technology
Load the free RE/MAX iPad App today and have the power of the RE/MAX toolbox at your fingertips! This app includes helpful tips and informative videos that are perfect for use in your listing presentations. The Buyers Report Card will assist you when advising your Sellers in preparing their home for sale. 


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Today’s web-enabled SmartPhones and tablets can go directly to the mobile website. The website automatically formats to the type of device the buyer uses. Listings near the buyer’s location appear instantly on their phone or tablet. Buyers can customize their search and call the RE/MAX agent right away.