Why use RE/MAX Hallmark Chay When Buying a Home

A home is one of the biggest purchases that you will make in your lifetime. It can also be a confusing and time consuming experience. That's why it's important to enlist the services of someone who can help guide you through your purchase - a REALTOR®. A RE/MAX Hallmark Chay real estate professional understands the market, knows exactly what is available and can match your needs and budget to your new home efficiently and effectively.

Explaining the Process

A RE/MAX Hallmark Chay REALTOR® will not take it for granted that you know all the ins and outs of the buying/selling process. Instead, he or she will provide you with a full explanation of what to expect each step of the way in the home buying process. That's important so you're not faced with any surprises along the way. Everything from the amount of mortgage financing you can qualify for to closing costs will be discussed with you.

Assessing Your Needs

One of the first questions a RE/MAX Hallmark  Chay real estate agent will ask is "Why are you moving?" A REALTOR® will also explore any time constraints you might have (perhaps imposed by the need to relocate for employment), your financial situation and any future plans.

A Plan to Find your Dream Home

A RE/MAX Hallmark Chay buyer’s agent will help you identify what your main priorities are in your new home. A pool? A garage? An extra room? A particular model of home? What about the neighbourhood? The proximity to schools and work? A REALTOR® will compare your needs, wants and budget with what is available on the market and make recommendations that save you time and effort. He or she will take you to view houses and help you assess their suitability and price. A RE/MAX Hallmark Chay REALTOR® can provide facts on the neighbourhoods and find a home within your price range that fulfills all or most of your ‘needs’, and as many of your ‘wants’ as possible. In other words, he or she will work with you to achieve your "dream".

Access to Properties for Sale

Not every real estate salesperson or broker is a REALTOR®. That term and the familiar Block “R” logo are trademarked by the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) in association with the National Association of REALTORS® in the United States. CREA also owns the MLS® trademark. Both trademarked logos can only be used in Canada by members of CREA who accept and respect a strict Code of Ethics. The MLS® database is operated by member boards in various provinces and in Ontario by real estate boards belonging to the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA). The boards provide an ongoing inventory of available properties and ensure maximum exposure of properties listed for sale. Most resale homes in Ontario are listed and sold through the MLS® systems of a member real estate board. For peace of mind, ensure the individual seeking to represent you is both a registrant of the Real Estate Council of Ontario and a member of OREA -permitted to be called a REALTOR®. 

Negotiating the Deal 

RE/MAX Hallmark Chay Buyer’s Agents are experienced in arranging fair deals and have your best interests at heart. He or she will assist in negotiating an offer, acting as a mediator to head off potential conflicts between you and the seller, and draw up a legally binding agreement. 

Closing the Deal

Closing is the point at which ownership and usually possession of the property is transferred from the seller to you. It takes place after the parties involved agree that all legal and financial obligations have been met. Your lawyer and your REALTOR® will do much of the work, and your REALTOR® will assist you as the process unfolds including:

  • Making sure a copy of the signed Agreement of Purchase and Sale is sent to your lawyer right away. Your lawyer needs to see any conditions that exist, and the date you and the seller have agreed to close. The lawyer will ask you how you (and others involved in the purchase) want to be registered on the title to the property.
  • Immediately begin satisfying any of the conditions of the agreement that require your action. These have definite dates attached to them and if you miss one you may have to arrange an extension or possibly risk losing the entire deal. As each condition is met, the REALTOR® will fill out a waiver form for signatures. Note that most lawyers won’t be doing many of the tasks they need to do for closing until the conditions are waived.
  • Upon your direction and after the conditions have been met, sending all documents to your lawyer who will begin searching title to the property. This is an exercise of going back through government records to ensure a clear title that is transferable. Electronic registration and title insurance have significantly changed the way titles on properties are transferred.
  • If you decide to have the home inspected, ensuring your offer contains a condition that the property passes inspection.
  • Giving you a list of phone contact numbers for local utilities (hydro, gas, water) so you can contact the utilities and telephone and cable companies well in advance to arrange for services in your name.
  • Reminding you well before closing to contact your insurance agent to arrange homeowner’s insurance coverage to become effective on the date of closing

 *Information courtesy of Ontario Real Estate Association